It is now official: the son of Charlize Theron is girl!

Charlize Theron told how her son Jackson became a girl
For several years, paparazzi photographed the son of Charlize Theron Jackson in dresses, skirts and girls’ shoes. Recently Charlize called her daughter for the first time in an interview, and now she explained why she treats Jackson as a girl.

I also thought that Jackson was a boy, but at the age of three he told me: “Mom, I’m not a boy!” Since then I have had two wonderful daughters. By the way, Jackson in character and manners is even a bigger girl than his sister Augustus. Of course, I, like every parent, want to surround children with care, love. “I will do everything in my power to defend their rights and protect against adversity,” the actress says.

Charlize with her son Jackson, who considers herself a girl. CLICK ON PHOTO TO VIEW THE GALLERY. Charlize with her children

Charlize admitted that she grew up in a country where for the most part people live in lies and only whisper behind your back.

I believe that a person should tell the truth about himself, live as he is comfortable, and not think about the negative, ”Theron believes.

Charlize grew up on a farm in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her father drank and raised his hand to his mother. And when Theron was 15 years old, he got drunk and threatened to kill them both. Then Charlize’s mother, Gerda, shot him with a gun in self-defense. For many years, Charlize could not talk about this topic, telling others that her father died in a car accident, but then realized that she would feel better if she reveals the truth. And so it happened. Despite the family drama, the actress considers her mother the closest and most wonderful person. It is imperative to have a close relationship with at least one of the parents. This is a real blessing. Mom has been an example of a real woman to me all her life. I want to become the same for my daughters, says the actress.