Джейк Джилленхол дал новое большое интервью: News about zvezdochek Gyllenhaal gave a great new interview: “I focus on the love”

On the threshold of the 40th anniversary of the actor, according to him, have finally decided to start a family

In spite of quarantine and isolation photosets fashion publications, which were made in the beginning of the year still to go. So, a few hours ago on the website of British Vogue was published a new photo shoot with Jake Gyllenhaal, timed to the musical “Sunday in the Park with George” with the actor. Production was supposed to go this summer in London, but now it is not clear when the UK will open the theatres. However, the conversation with the reporter, also organized before the pandemic, was not only professional but also personal reasons. In particular Jake admitted to reporters that these days more than ever aim to think more about love and less about the work:

I am more interested in life, not work. I’ve reached a point in his career when experience is not professional but a very different hunger. I realized how often I had to give up many things due to the fact that he was devoted to his work. When you see that time slip through my fingers, and the world changes, we become more focused on family. I focused on my family, friends and love. I much needed that today.

Asked by a reporter whether he sees among its objectives the children, the actor also answered in the affirmative.

Of course I see my future in the birth of children. Definitely… I’ve never thought and do not make plans, but you need to be open to this idea…

The actor also cited the example of their parents — as the main role models in my life whose behavior is it intended to be inspired when he becomes a father:

I was raised by a wonderful and gentle father, and my mother and sister — the most amazing people I know. Our emotions, ability to discuss them with each other in difficult times is something that has always prevailed in our family and I are incredibly proud of. Most of all, I would like to pass on these qualities. My mom always told me that from the beginning I seen her with a child who needs to be protected. And he and his father have devoted a lot of time, not to destroy this emotion and ability to feel, for which I am very grateful.

These days in addition to loved ones helps the actor to feel his lover, French model Jeanne a tub with which it is occasionally possible to photograph the paparazzi. For the first time reporters saw the actor walking with 23-year-old fashion model in 2018: the pair, along with friend Jake walked in new York. Since then, they have several times seen together in Paris, where Jeanne lives and works in new York or Los Angeles, where he does his projects, Jake. The relationship of the couple all this time, do not disturb or distance between America and Europe, nor the 16-year age difference. Moreover, according to an anonymous source publication, Page Six, Jake was introduced to Jeanne with her mother, whose opinion has always had for him decisive.In August last year, she even appeared on the next theatrical premiere of Gyllenhaal and it’s possible that would have been, and the shows of his London productions. But on the latter can only be judged after the end of quarantine.

Жанн КадьеJeanne a tub at the premiere of Jake GyllenhaalПара вместе после премьерыthe Pair together after the premiere