Jennifer aniston admitted that he enjoys being alone after a divorce with Justin Theroux

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Jennifer aniston admitted that he enjoys being alone after a divorce with Justin Theroux YanaMarkovskaya Yana Markov 0 Дженнифер Энистон призналась, что наслаждается одиночеством после развода с Джастином Теру

Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston

Yesterday 50-year-old Jennifer aniston was the guest of radio shows on Sirius XM Radio. Live with host Howard stern, the actress discussed their new projects, once again remembered famous for her TV series “Friends” (Friends), and also shared details of his personal life.

So, the question stern about whether she likes to be alone after a divorce with Justin Theroux, which happened two years ago, the actress answered in the affirmative:

Yes, I really am very busy. At least not yet. Now I’m promoting a new project with his participation “the Morning show” (The Morning Show) and already preparing for the new season.Дженнифер ЭнистонJennifer Aniston

Offer on Howard stern to introduce Jen with any of his friends, the actress has reacted with outrage and admitted that he hates the pandering.

In an interview with radio host aniston also spoke about a recent meeting with colleagues in the TV series “Friends”. Jen said that they all gathered at the home of Courtney Cox, where they enjoyed a delicious dinner and laughed a lot.

David Schwimmer was in town and we all had a free window in the schedule, so we all gathered there,

— aniston has shared details of a friendly meeting.

Дженнифер ЭнистонJennifer Aniston

By the way, is now Jennifer aniston feels fine enjoying the freedom after her breakup with Justin Theroux. However, it was not always: in the first months after the divorce, the actress, by his own admission, was only saved by psychotherapy. In an interview, aniston talked about that regularly met with a psychologist who helped her recover after the break with Theroux.

Recall that Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux began Dating in 2011, and after almost a half year relationship announced their engagement. The wedding of the actors played in August 2015, and after two and a half years after marriage, they have stated that a divorce.

Джастин Теру и Дженнифер ЭнистонJustin Theroux and Jennifer aniston