Johnny Depp’s twin lives in Russia



We found a twin of Johnny Depp, who lives in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The man wants to get acquainted with the Hollywood actor and perform as his stunt double.

Alexander Padukov, which has a visual resemblance to Johnny Depp, told his story. 42-year-old man is also an actor by profession and engaged in music, too, moreover, Alexander in his youth, like Depp, married a make-up artist.

In his native Rostov he has fans falling over him, wanting an autograph and asking a joint photo. And persuasion of Alexander that he is not an American actor do not stop them. Padukov shares some photos with fans, which he met on the streets.

Alexander Padukov is anxious to meet with Johnny Depp, even dreaming about joint shooting with the actor as a backup.