Keira Knightley explained why forbids her daughter to watch cartoons about princesses

Кира Найтли рассказала, почему запрещает дочери смотреть мультфильмы про принцесс keira Knightley explained why forbids her daughter to watch cartoons about princesses

“Cinderella” and “the little Mermaid” are banned. And Keira have an explanation.

In a new issue of People magazine Keira Knightley spoke about her three year old daughter Edie. In addition, the actress visited the Ellen DeGeneres, where she also shared her thoughts about education. So, according to Keira, now she thinks about the future of her daughter and it’s important for her to raise her self-esteem. Modern cartoons of Disney production, according to the actress, help her. In particular, in “Cinderella” and “the little Mermaid” she sees the sexism.

The heroine of “Cinderella” excited to meet with rich guy who will save her. It just annoys me. “The little mermaid” is also banned. Nice songs, but the same problem.

– shared Keira with Ellen DeGeneres.

Among the cartoons to see that Keira does not prohibit daughter – “Moana”, “Cold heart” and “finding Dory”.

Keira Knightley with her daughter

Films with Keira’s participation baby also watchs. In particular, the last part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” they looked together.

I was interested to see the reaction of the daughter to my appearance on the screen. My character fell into the water, and she said, “did you fall? Don’t worry, mom, I’ll protect you”. And then just walked away and continued her game, and we turned off the movie. I think she thinks that all moms are doing this, so my profession does not seem something strange, – said Keira in an interview with People.

Also, the actress said what her daughter is going to be when she grows up.

While she does not think about how to follow in my footsteps. She said she wants to be a dentist, and then we took her to the zoo and she decided that she will become a gorilla (laughs). 

Keira Knightley with her husband James Ryton and daughter Edie