Kit Harington on relationship with the russian model Olga Vlasova

Kit Harington accused the ex-participant of “House-2” in a lie Actor denied rumors about his betrayal. # weddings # scandals # love story # Foreign stars Kit Harington Photo: LEGION-MEDIA Photo:

Kit Harington, star of the cult series “Game of Thrones” turned out to be a defendant in a scandal. The fact is that recently Olga Vlasova, who participated in the project “House-2”, said that she was the mistress of married Harington. Moreover, in confirmation of her words, she published pictures in which she was captured naked with Kit, who was also without clothes. The model reported that the photos were taken during their date in Luxembourg. According to Vlasova, she began dating Harington for a long time – even at a time when he was only engaged to his wife – Rose Leslie. Moreover, according to the model, their romance continued after the actor’s marriage.

This story received such a loud resonance that the 31-year-old Harington was forced to somehow respond to Vlasova’s allegations. He made a categorical refutation of his alleged romance with Olga. Moreover, he denies even the fact of his acquaintance with the model.

The actor said through his official representative: “I have never been to Luxembourg and never met with Mrs. Vlasova!”

Kit married Rose Leslie in June of this year. in Scotland, in a castle owned by the family of his beloved. And the fact that they got engaged became known in September 2017. But their romance began much earlier – six years ago, after they met on the set of Game of Thrones, where Leslie played the role of Harington’s beloved hero.