Ksenia Sobchak called herself Lenin


Ksenia Sobchak posted on Instagram photos of cooking show with the participation of children. "Lenin was very fond of children", – she wrote below the picture.

Despite the fact that Ksenia Sobchak became a mother just a month ago, she never ceases to lead a public life. Sobchak has a lot of work, she is a moderator at the conference, then participates in the culinary TV show.

Thus, during the last culinary master class with children on one of the channels Sobchak pictured everything that happened on her phone. Then she shared pictures of children runing around with dishes and blenders. Subscribers of socialite negatively perceived such a move, and in the comments did not hesitate to blame her lack of attention to her own son. "Throw your phone at least for a moment and take a walk with your child," – wrote angry web users.