Let it snow: most snow in the country


Here once tried the Nils of the famous tale. However, now here the birds do absolutely nothing. Lapland was located somewhere between the three Scandinavian countries, who amicably divided it into several provinces, so the country as such does not exist, that does not prevent us to enjoy the amazing beauty of this place.

Winter came into their possession and reigns Supreme over the expanses of Lapland. Fluffy trees hidden under the snow houses and of course the Northern lights that make everyone freeze in awe, stopping to watch amazing and so unpredictable Northern nature.

In addition, because Lapland is the home of Santa Claus – or rather, the town of Rovaniemi, capital of Finnish Lapland, so here is the place for the accomplishment of Christmas miracles.


The easiest way to get to the first in the list of Scandinavian countries by bus from St. Petersburg. And not only simpler: it is probably the most beautiful forest road, which only can be seen in winter. The track ran between the tall mast pines, completely enveloped in snow. The whole country is endless snow, a sort of cozy Christmas card.


Norway is a country of creepy fairy-tale creatures – trolls, witches and other evil spirits, without which a gloomy forest would not quite dark and at the same time – not so attractive. It seems that even the earth is imbued with the spirit of some impossible and mythical life that has been, can be, and it is possible – just come to us in dreams. Over the fjords sailing couples, turning into the impenetrable fog, the boat cuts through the water slowly, leaving behind her the folds on a broad, dark canvas. Around – the heavy snow and big mountains that seem to be watching you, so small, so insignificant in comparison with the great outdoors.


Endless fields and endless forests, which, however, in contrast to the Norwegian does not induce ecstatic horror, but instead give the opportunity to exclusively enjoy the magical nature, which brings us back to the good Christmas fairy tales with the happy end. The snow here is fluffy, light and sparkling, houses, lost somewhere in the forest trees – cozy. Shine to everyone you meet yellow small Windows. Creating a unique and very Christmas and a little baby atmosphere.


Greenland – the country of eternal ice, iceberg that will never melt, on the contrary – over the years they become more and more melting in a memory of the centuries – many of snow floating giants a lot more than mountains and rocks. Icebergs drifting from shore to shore, sometimes pausing halfway, as if not daring to continue their journey. Here you need to go adventurers. Remember the wonderful film “the secret life of Walter Mitty”, in Greenland went hero, first by necessity and then for self-discovery. Sometimes we all need to go somewhere that would understand, finally, what we really need.


Many who went to live in Canada permanently, often talk about the similarities of this country with Russia, the same birch, the same endless snow. But if we have this year when the snow was hard, in Canada everything is in order. Easy Christmas snow country white road. It is true that unlike Russia, despite the fact that the climate is not changing, and forget to handle it badly: this is off the hot water or the electricity looks like a disaster, but in Canada, every time after the next snowstorm shuts off electricity, water and gas – comes the real end of the world. However, the beauty of nature is not affected, but if you are going on a trip – prepare yourself carefully, don’t forget a couple of sweaters that you most likely will have to both wear, and wool socks.

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Photo source: Getty Images