Let’s remind, Anna Semenovich has published photos of the bath.

The famous singer Anna Semenovich has published a new video. Anna Semenovich Anna Semenovich instagram.com/ann_semenovich 36-year-old former singer of the group Brilliant, a popular Russian singer and skater Anna Semenovich has demonstrated her ability to skate on the ice.

Read also: Anna Semenovich got the first role in the theaterŅŽ Anna posted a video where the music is smooth and the rhythm of dancing on the ice rink. Thus the artist has made it clear that she has not forgotten how to skate, and has proven that she has a good physical shape. Watch online video, Anna Semenovich skating: Anna Semenovich: 00 / 00:13

A little figure skating in the tape. The season opened, drank mulled wine, chestnuts bit !!! The day was a success ", – S. signed video. See the photo of Anna Semenovich    © instagram.com/ann_semenovich/ Picture 1/12