Like Princess Diana, Charles took revenge for the indifference

Royal photographer Ken Lennox was one of those who has watched the development of the relationship of Princess Diana and Prince Charles from the beginning. It was he who made the first joint photo of the couple and later saw problematic situations between spouses.

In the documentary “Inside the Palace: Secrets of the Royal family” he said that tipping point when their relationship began to crumble, happened during their visit to Australia in March 1983. Then Princess Diana broke down in tears in front of the Sydney Opera house, but Prince Charles did not react, his whole appearance showing indifference.

Diana in Sydney, March 1983

The photographer noted that while Charles was at his wife’s side, but instead to calm her down, the Prince just turned away: “Such behavior was typical for him to look the other way. It was the first sign that something’s wrong [in a relationship], and then we began to notice other things.”

Ken said that the press service explained then tears Diana “the jetlag and heat,” but all the close it was obvious that the Princess was upset over relationship problems with her husband. Indifferent to the conduct of Charles in this situation, very angry Diana, so all remaining Australian tour, she was trying to annoy the Prince. Diana knew that Charles does not tolerate “vulgar” laughter, so unnaturally fun and laughing loudly for no reason. About the tactics of revenge the Princess said her former press Secretary, Patrick Jephson, who said that Diana really annoyed that Charles, despite the fact that he tried not to show emotion.

Jephson also said: “Behind the scenes [between them], everything was completely different. They [Charles and Diana] were not even talking to each other, eye contact was minimal, they were very irritable”.

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Photo: Getty Images