Mother of Kim Kardashian shared her daughter’s baby pictures


Mother of Kim Kardashian shared her daughter's childhood photos to Instagram. The pictures were accompanied by touching wishes on the day of the birth of star.

October 21 famous American TV presenter, actress and model Kim Kardashian turned 36 years old. The mother of the star Kris Jenner published her daughter's childhood photo and wrote touching wishes and words of encouragement.

You can see from the photo, published by TV star's mother, that celebrity loved to act for the camera since se was a kid. As it turned out later, Kim really wanted to become a popular figure, and she was able to do that a little bit later.

Kim Kardashian is still recovering from an incident that occurred with her in Paris October 3, in Hôtel de Pourtalès. Fans have suggested that her 36-th birthday Kim Kardashian will celebrate with her family..