Natalia Vodianova appeared in the image of Barbie doll for the cover of L’Officiel

The famous Russian fashion model Natalia Vodianova during her career was trying on a huge number of images. Now she posed for the cover of the popular glossy magazine L'Officiel, in which she appeared in the style of Barbie dolls.

Latest Issue of Russian glossy magazine L'Officiel, which graced the famous model Natalia Vodianova, is on sale since 17 November.

Chief editor put a screenshot of a cover on his page on Instagram with the caption: "Vodianova appears before the fans not in the image of a simple doll, beloved by millions, but she represents the "Barbie-philanthropist."

On the cover of the magazine Natalia Vodianova appears is a  Louis Vuitton fur coat and jewelry by designer Yana Raskovalova. As it should be this way, the picture decorated in pink tones, which is most associated with the Barbie doll.