Neighbors called the police to the set of the video of Lena Lenina and Prokhor Chaliapin


There was a fight during the filming of the new clip of Prokhor Chaliapin and Lena Lenina in the cottage town of New Riga. Neighbors of the writer did not remain indifferent and called the police.

In order not to find themseves in jail, musicians have to explain all this to the police. The incident with the fight happened just at the time of recording the video to the song "Incompatible". Alexei Malakhov, who wrote the text, later admitted he could not have imagined that the fight during the filming will attract the attention of neighbors and police

According to the director of the clip, he was going to show a battle of naked men, which would become a key episode in the clip. Lenin arranged filming at her country house. Neighbors admitted that looked into the windows of celebrity out of habit, but saw naked men fighting. At the same time the cameras were not observed, which frightened the witnesses.