“New nyash-myash”: Russian nurse in sheer lingerie special protection and became the heroine of memes and Western tabloids

This week one of the most popular girls in the Network was the Russian nurse.

Nadezhda Zhukova at work Tula news

The girl working with infected mers patients in Tula regional hospital, it was so hot in the suit spetzashita what she’s wearing under his sports kit — black-and-white bra and briefs. In another setting — for example, during a themed photoshoot — this outfit would have seemed quite modest, but in a hospital room looks like a scene from a movie for adults. The first picture was published, the newspaper “the Tula news”.


23-year-old girl — as it turned out, her name is Nadezhda Zhukova explained to the hospital management your look that did not expect such transparency from spetzashita. Her colleagues told reporters that doctors do not have enough pajamas that need to be washed after each shift. But the Internet could not be stopped: the girl draw memes in the style of pin-up (above) and in the spirit newspaper comic strip (below), Ivan Urgant “Evening Urgant” promises Nade a contract with a major underwear brand, about it write the Western tabloids The Sun, Daily Star and not only.

Instagram / zahar1976

“I think that soon will begin a new challenge among the nurses”, “New nyash-myash”, “Character for marvel is ready rather register your authorship!”, “Then HBO will film a documentary about her and Dude its transmission, and Health of his grandfather, which she put a dropper, has gone on the amendment, and it will soon be discharged!” — laughing on Twitter.


It should be noted that other nurses are dissatisfied with this response. Colleague girls Oksana Dribo published in social networks pictures of a poster: “We are not paintings in the gallery. Enough of us taking pictures!” — alluding to the fact that the last thing Nadia wanted attention from all over the world.

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Photo:Instagram, Twitter