Нина Добрев необычным способом представила миру своего нового бойфрендаStar parunina Dobrev unusual way introduced the world to her new boyfriend

Unusual skill – than not an occasion to boast of them in Instagram, at the same time presenting the fans of his new lover.

Star of the TV series “the vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev spends time in quarantine with American snowboarder, three-time Olympic champion Shaun white. That between them the novel, 31-year-old actress has not been formally announced, but today on her page in Instagram appeared first on the joint with the 33-year-old athlete. The reason for this was a new skill Nina – she learned to cut. And the first haircut, as expected, turned out to be Sean.

Add to summary: Barber,

— signed a series of photos and videos Dobrev, which was supported by white:

When the Barber says he won’t do it, but in the end, makes this!

Nina Dobrev and Shaun whiteNina Dobrev and Sean Uito that between Nina and Sean – more than friendship, began in March of this year. Then they were spotted on a Bicycle ride in Malibu, a source told Page Six that the actress and athlete were kissing on the street. Then the insider E! News said that friends of Nina a bit surprised by her choice:

Her close friends surprised that she is interested in Sean, because he’s not like those guys she met before. Nina is very kind to his personal life, therefore, combines images with Sean from it is not worth the wait.

But, judging by the new photo Dobrev, apparently, the hour has come when the actress was ready to share with the world the changes in her personal life. It is noteworthy that the novel Sean and Nina began just a few months after the actress parted ways with Director and screenwriter Grant Mellon, who had been Dating for about six months. Prior to this, Dobrev met with actor Glen Powell, but he decided to take a break in the relationship.