Nine women have accused Placido Domingo in sexual harassment



Nine women have accused Placido Domingo in sexual harassment


Девять женщин обвинили Пласидо Доминго в сексуальных домогательствах

Placido Domingo

78-year-old famous Spanish Opera singer Placido Domingo was accused of sexual harassment nine women. In the article, which was published by the Associated Press, alleges that the eight singers and one dancer said that Domingo harassed them about thirty years ago. According to one of them, he “stuck her hand under the skirt”, others claimed that he was trying to force them to kiss, and to persuade to have sex in exchange for roles. As a result, refusing a man’s career, many of them suffered.

Пласидо Доминго

All but one woman decided not to name their names, as they continue to work in Opera, and I’m afraid that the scandal could have a negative impact on their career. Only Patricia Wolfe, who has performed with Domingo at the Washington Opera, revealed his identity.

Пласидо Доминго

As claimed by other colleagues of Domingo, who somehow encountered him, the singer really showed attention to women and committing against them acts of indecency, are now referred to the harassment.

The singer has commented on these statements and called the accusations false.

The statements of those unnamed individuals who say the events of thirty years ago, deeply disturbing and described is completely inaccurate. It hurts me to hear that I could have someone to upset you or make you feel uncomfortable, no matter how long ago it was. I believed all my relationships and interaction with people was mutual, and took place by mutual consent. People who have worked or are familiar with me know I’m not the one who deliberately causes harm, insult or disgrace someone. But I acknowledge that the rules and standards that we follow today are very different from those that were in the past. I’m honoured to have been awarded more than 50-year career in Opera, and will adhere to the highest standards

— he concluded.

Incidentally, Placido Domingo is already 57 years old married to Mexican singer Marta Ornelas, married with whom he had two sons.

Пласидо Доминго и Марта Орнелас
Placido Domingo and Marta Ornelas