“Now I’m a girl-fire”: Sedokova delighted fans with a new hair color

The singer decided on a beauty experiment and have collected a number of compliments.

36-year-old Anna Sedokova knows how to surprise. The singer often experimenting on their appearance: we remember her and her honey Ombre and pink hair, and burning brunette. This time the artist decided to return to “roots”, because many still remember her as “the redhead” from the “VIA gra”. Photo in a new image, the star has published on his page in Instagram.

Anna Sedokova

— signed photo of Anna.

Fans in the comments to the post showered the actress with compliments: “It suits you, simply beautiful”, “Fire lady”, “Very well. Just sexy lioness. Female fire,” “I feel so much better than the blonde”.

And recently Sedokova showed fans what she would look like with short hair. On shots from a professional photo shoot Anna posed in a dark wig. The followers compared the star with Julia Volkova and singer Valeria.

Sedokova manages not only to monitor their appearance, but also to educate children. The actress has two daughters Alina and Monica, and son Hector. The eldest daughter star gave birth married to Valentin Belkevich, and the youngest gave Maxim Cherniavsky. Monica lives in the United States with his father. Son Hector was born when Anna was in a relationship with Artem Komarov. The lovers are parted soon after the birth of her son.

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