Olga Buzova and Oleg Miami caught kissing

Ольга Бузова и Олег МайамиOlga Buzova and Oleg Miami

For three years, Olga Buzova sings about how gets used to waking up alone. After her divorce from TV presenter Dmitry Tarasov never found love, though rumors of its possible novels appear constantly. Today the Network got the video, in which the actress kisses Oleg Miami. Stars captured during a dinner at the restaurant, and they are not shy about their feelings. Later, the singer explained that the publication was made without his permission.

“Today the administrator without my knowledge posted a video. Olya and experiencing not the best stage in the relationship, so the issue of her participation, yet not” — said Oleg.

For the first time about a possible affair stars began in March 2019, when Miami published a romantic frame with Buzova. The continuation of this story received just now.

The post musician surprised fans, some have speculated that the stars have a few months to hide an affair. “I was just in shock! Miami and Buzova, of course, look great together, but the video is some unpleasant”, “Oleg is just trying to increase the views of his show, so I called Olya”, “Maybe we don’t know something? It is very these two kissing passionately”, — shared his opinion of the fans.

Olga Buzova: who is to blame alone the most popular female country

Previously, Miami was attributed novels with many stars. So, after participating in the show “Fort Boyard” he began to appear frequently in the company of Alena Shishkova, but later denied the rumors about an intimate relationship with the model.

Kissing Buzova not interfere in Miami to relax in the company of several models

Now Oleg has a rest in Greece, along with several models. He constantly publishes candid photos, lying with naked girls in bed. While Miami has repeatedly stated that it is always open to love.

But Olga Buzova very soon will be looking for the perfect man in the show “Plan B”. According to the rules of the project, several candidates will compete for her heart. Parallel female participants will try to win the sympathy of Timur Batrutdinova. If the stars fail to find love, they will have to enter into a relationship with each other.

Photo: Instagram