Rare shot: Oksana Akinshina published a photo of grown children


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Rare shot: Oksana Akinshina published a photo of grown children


Редкий кадр: Оксана Акиньшина опубликовала фото подросших детей

Oksana Akinshina

32-year-old Oksana Akinshina — not one of those stars who often publish in Instagram family pictures. Today, however, the actress made an exception and showed her fans a photo where posing her year-old daughter Amy and six year old son Constantine. Apparently, children with their parents were shopping: in the hands of their packs with gifts and balls.

Сын и дочь Оксаны Акиньшиной

Recall last summer it became known that Akinshina going to part with her husband, Archil Gelovani. The couple, together since 2012.


Apparently, the last time it became fashionable! And probably better than dirty newspaper with false information! Therefore, to inform itself about her divorce with her husband! I hope it goes safely, quickly and will not cause harm to children! Dear girls, do not hang your nose! You are the best, necessary, important and loved! Think only about what’s good for you!

— spoke then about his divorce Oksana.

Оксана Акиньшина

Later the couple managed to resolve all conflicts, and together they flew off to rest, and the divorce, fortunately, never came.

Оксана Акиньшина с мужем

Recall that the movie star also has a teenage son Philip, born from a relationship with businessman Dmitry Litvinov. How did you find the journalists, the boy lives with his grandparents in St. Petersburg.

Сын и дочь Оксаны Акиньшиной

Дочь Оксаны Акиньшиной