Richard Gere named his son in honor of his wife

Children of celebrities Richard Gere named his son in honor of his wife

Sounds unusual, huh? But really, everything is prosaic.

Recently a 69 year-old Richard Gere and his wife, 35-year-old businesswoman Alejandra Silva, have once again become parents for was born their first child. Media only managed to know the sex of the baby – a boy – and his birthplace – new York. Other details were not made public. Today the Spanish HOLA! announced that Richard decided to call his younger son Alexander, or Alejandro in the Spanish manner. By the way, in the same way only a female variant name and his wife.

Recall from Alejandra Richard met a few months after the official breakup with model Carey Lowell. While Alejandra was in the process of divorce with Govind Friedland, the son of an American mining tycoon Robert Friedland, and was not going to start a new relationship. But the total interests in the legal sphere brought Silva and Gyra. Paparazzi first noticed a couple in the summer of 2015 in Sicily, where they flew to attend the film festival “Taormina”. By the way, then to go out with Alejandra, Richard decided not to and left their relationship in secret. But since almost all the official events celebrities appear together.

At the end of April last year, Richard and Alejandra have legalized their relationship, and in may were married on a ranch not far from new York. About the pregnancy, Alejandra became known in August last year.