Royal inspiration: Kate and her fashionable curtsey to Camilla

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were guests of honor by BAFTA-2020 (see also: BAFTA-2020: the most stylish stars on the red carpet ceremony). And, of course, all eyes on the red carpet was chained to the wife of the future king. Kate is well prepared for the evening, Her Royal Highness wore a white with gold embroidery dress of your favorite brand Alexander McQueen and completed the outfit with earrings and necklaces Van Cleef & Arpels mother-of-pearl.

Fashion experts immediately caught in the exit of the Duchess of easy imitation of the style of Camilla Parker-Bowles, whose jewelry collection has similar earrings (by the way, not alone), though not decorated with mother of pearl and diamonds. Interestingly, after a couple of days after the release of Catherine Duchess Chornoliska also walking his a pair of earrings on the red carpet event.

Experts note that this is not the only example of “fashionable nod to” Kate’s attitude towards her mother. It is known that the Duchess of Cambridge often wears a gold bracelet that Camilla gave to her wedding with Prince William in 2011. On the bracelet is visible engraving their monogram – the letter “C” on both sides (Camilla and Catherine), as well as a symbolic crown.

According to observers, “fashion diplomacy” by Kate explained quite simply. At first, the future Duchess not taken seriously in the Royal family. Elizabeth II openly declared his grandson that he should find a more “proper” party (see also: Why the Queen took Duchess Kate). However, Duchess Camilla, on the contrary, sided with the sweetheart of Prince William, being sure that the son of Charles deserves to marry for love and not for money. As biographers believe, Catherine has not forgotten the support of the Camille and now, when possible, tries to Express its respect, even in such a veiled way.

It should be recalled that Katherine does not have problems with selection of accessories for the official release. Recently, reporters learned that one of good friends Catherine is a personal stylist for Her Majesty’s Angela Kelly – this friendship has been very beneficial for the Duchess of Cambridge, because Kelly’s husband Prince William have unlimited access to a collection of jewelry of Elizabeth – at any time and for any occasion (see also: smart move: why Duchess Kate made friends with stylist Queen).

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