Selena Gomez accused Justin Bieber emotional violence

Селена Гомес обвинила Джастина Бибера в эмоциональном насилииStar paraselene Gomez accused Justin Bieber emotional violence

The singer gave a Frank interview broadcast on National Public Radio.

In early January, Selena Gomez released the album Rare – the first in four years. On that occasion, the journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro has invited the singer to his Studio to talk about music and plans for the future. Of course, not without discussing the personal life of the singer.

During the interview, Lulu touched on the topic of previous relationships. She asked Selena whether regretted that about something from the past, in particular about the relationship with Justin Bieber, and what she thinks of his most difficult periods of life. In response, Gomez admitted that the relationship with Bieber felt like a victim, but now she stepped over the past and ready for the next step:

I don’t regret anything, because even in painful moments, I find something positive. Such things make me stronger. The psychology of a victim is very dangerous. I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I really felt like a victim that was targeted for a certain kind of violence.

I mean emotional abuse. I had a long time to understand what happened, only growing up, I realized what it was. I had to perform the decisions that I made. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life discussing these issues. But now I say it and feel strong, I’m proud of myself. I found a way to overcome all this with the maximum charity.

After this announcement, Selena National Public Radio asked for comment to representatives of Justin, but they left the request unanswered.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The relationship Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber began in 2010. For several years the lovers then parted, then came together again until the summer of 2018 Bieber didn’t propose Hailey Baldwin.

It was a real shock for fans of the couple and rumored to hit for Selena. Last year on the show Zach sang Gomez finally decided to dispel the rumors and to dot the “i”. For a start, and admitted that the topic of romantic relationship with Bieber for a long time have closed. And now ready to open a new Chapter of my life again.