“Smoke”: Rinal Mukhametov and Suzanne Akayeva submitted a joint clip

The star couple”Smoke”: Rinal Mukhametov and Suzanne Akayeva submitted a joint clip

Talented couple – talented in everything!

Actor Rinal Mukhametov and his wife and right hand Suzanne Achieva tried himself in his new role, worked together on the set. Suzanne made her debut in the role of Director and cameraman, removing the Rinal ‘ clip for his new song “Smoke”.

Friends… presenting Your attention the new video for the song “Smoke”. The classics of the genre: music and poetry – Rinal Mukhametov. Pleasant viewing!

– wrote Mukhametov in Instagram. Apparently, the shooting took place long before the pandemic coronavirus, as in the video Rinal captured during a walk around London. In England, the pair spent time in the past year, and now they are “shumoizolyatsiya” in his Moscow apartment.

We will remind, Rinal Mukhametov and Suzanne Achieva got married about five years ago, and April 5, 2016, the couple had a daughter Evia. According to spouses, they are comfortable and live and work together – Suzanne is the Director of Rinal.

I realized that I am not an actress: I’m not this eagerness, the desire to be on stage. But the organizational skills to have. This is mine, I can feel it. Near the Rinal ‘ I in his place. To resolve all issues without a mediator it is more convenient and faster

– told Suzanne in an interview with HELLO!, and her words confirmed Rinal, noting that they work “in harmonious tandem” and doing everything “together”.

Rinal Mukhametov and Suzanne Achieve
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