Snowboarder Olga Risible: “look at me – a fragile, little girl, many don’t even believe that I used to ride a skateboard”

Сноубордистка Ольга Смешливая: Style giznetvorchestva Olga Risible: “look at me – a fragile, little girl, many don’t even believe that I used to ride a skateboard”

For three years, the famous snowboarder, three-time Russian champion Olga Risible is the Ambassador of the brand JBL. And very happy: music is her true passion.

C first sight and will not say that this frail, delicate blonde – professional snowboarder, winner of various sports competitions. She is active, bright, charming and very funny.

Yes, I fully justify their “speaking” name – almost always smiling,jokes Funny.
“I’m a real fan of JBL. Headphones and column pick the mood and color of clothes,”Olya, how did your collaboration with JBL?

It was a promise in the space. I really wanted, even dreamed of to cooperate with any brand related to music. And as soon as I thought about it, visualized, I immediately received such an offer. I just can’t imagine my life without music – especially when you ride, perform tricks on a snowboard. It helps me, it gives confidence. And drives from the head of any unnecessary thoughts.

Fear too?

Including. I jump from the trampoline, periodically, in the head included safeguards – start thinking about fall injuries. Music helps to ignore. So I take favorite headphones, turn on the music and start training – and this is happening on the mountain and in the gym. Every time I have a new playlist, the main thing – that was the good bits, better for them to ride.

Snowboarders probably especially hard to choose headphones. Movement, jumping, snow, stunt…

Very important to me, convenience and versatility. Not to off, sat tight, did not get tired ears, the sound was good. The JBL are very many models that I like. I already choose headphones to fit your mood, clothes. Especially sometimes brighter, sometimes more soothing colors. But one of my favorite models right now – TUNE 120TWS.

Now, after a professional career, often ride?

Of course, I just can’t live without it! For me one of the saddest moments in life have been injured before the Olympics in Sochi – then I tore a ligament in his knee and was unable to participate. But at the same time, it was a turning point. Recovering, I decided to leave big-time sports and focus on various commercial activities. The first was Nine Queens in Austria: I jumped from a 25-meter springboard, along with Olympic Champions. It was my comeback. This year want to participate again.

And what else do you do besides snowboarding?

Other extreme sports. (Laughs.) Two or three times a week I have training in motocross, and when it was warm, still and Windsurfing. For me, the sensations that give these sports is incredible. It’s also a fight with fear, and with yourself. And then when you win and achieve some results, it gives you such a tremendous sense of satisfaction and confidence.

And how do you perceive men? Not afraid of a strong confident women?

All at first think that snowboarder is such a Tomboy. But when they see me – a fragile, little girl, you don’t even believe that I surf. Despite the fact that I’m an athlete, I first of all girl.

That is, you can and heels to see in the evening dress?

Of course! If there is a reason to dress like that then I’m happy! And I know how to walk in heels, I have a good experience or five years professional experience in ballroom dancing before you get involved in snowboarding. So in heels I went to school, and danced. And even when the snowboard started to ride, still in everyday life still wore heels.

Olya, 10 years you see yourself as a snowboarder?

I hope by the time I have a family and will ride right by my children. And I, of course, with them to train, help, advise. Coaching career not consider is not something I wanted to do. I hope to build a brand sportswear SmiLife – now it only headwear, and after 10 years, I hope there will be costumes, shoes, and more.