Take note: 6 of the shopping habits that will change your wardrobe

To buy less or conscious – a common promise us at least once in life itself gave. And current trends of responsible consumption are being encouraged to buy things rarely, for a long time and is good think. Along with Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, we’ve compiled a list of useful shopping habits that should be adopted this year.

1. Compare prices before buying

Often the same things can be sold in different stores, different online boutiques or in outlet store brand. Postpone the purchase and compare offers on the Internet – maybe on one of the sites is now undergoing a sale or a commodity sold at a discount.

2. Not spending time at the Mall

To go to the store just out of boredom or to wait there suddenly vacant hour is a bad idea. So begin stories about impulsive purchases. Try to find another way to wait for a friend or pass the time (see also: 5 myths about the basic wardrobe in which you still believe).

3. Count how many hours you worked to earn for this purchase

Remember that any thing that you worked hard to afford to buy it. This approach will help to understand whether the new acquisition of your hours at work.

4. Make a clear shopping budget

Trying hard to limit yourself to buying only spoil the mood and will necessarily lead to failure, that will upset even more. Select a budget for shopping, given all the other spending. You can also plan whether you want to buy something every month or you can buy everything you need from every season.

5. Allow yourself to only buy during sales

A great way to spend less on clothes is to buy something only during seasonal sales. This method is best suited for acquisitions for the season ahead, but at the beginning of the sale you can manage to wear new clothes bought. To buy on sale only that you would have bought at full price – discounts can easily lead to rash and unnecessary purchases.

6. Do not go to the store with those triggers on purchases

Friends can easily persuade us to rash purchases – their delight and approval inspire confidence that this thing is definitely worth a purchase. Also, sometimes it’s embarrassing to leave the store without shopping, if we went there with someone else. If your environment is pushing you to impulsive shopping, go alone.

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