The first output in two years: Eminem, supported the rapper by 50 Cent at the presentation of the star on the walk of fame in Hollywood

Первый выход за два года: Эминем поддержал рэпера 50 Cent на вручении именной звезды на Аллее славы в ГолливудеRed goroskopy output for two years: Eminem, supported the rapper by 50 Cent at the presentation of the star on the walk of fame in Hollywood

The actor supported another and congratulated with the award personally.

47-year-old rapper Eminem lately indulges fans with new tracks: 17 January 2020 all of a sudden he released an album entitled Music to Be Murdered By. But his personal appearances, he did not please the public for a long time. The last time – not counting concerts and interviews Eminem appeared at the awards ceremony iHeartRadio Music Awards in March 2018. And since then he lived without being in the spotlight. But for a friend made an exception.

The day before, January 30, Eminem appeared at the opening ceremony of star rapper 50 Cent on the walk of fame in Hollywood and even made the podium for a speech. In it he indulged in nostalgia and talked about how they met:

I don’t remember 2002, but this is my first encounter with the Fifty remained in the memory very clearly. I think the first thing I noticed when he entered the room, was his behavior. He was already feeling, it was emancipation, even swagger, and of course, charisma. He was already “superbacana” artist. And I was so excited that did not allow to insert a word to him and began to read its tracks. I wanted to show how he impressed me… Maybe I overdid it. Years later, he was not only a reliable business partner, but also one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

50 Cent and Eminem

Eminem for Curtis James Jackson (real name of 50 Cent) is not just a friend but also a mentor and guide to the world of show business. In the early 2000s when Curtis took his first steps in music, his tracks are noticed already popular Eminem and signed him to a contract at Interscope Records. So, Eminem, and the rapper Dr. Dre became his producers and made it one of the best-selling artists in the world. Also have Eminem and 50 Cent have many joint singles: for example, You Don’t Know 2006.

In addition to Eminem 44-year-old rapper came out to support this day Dr. Dre, 50 Cent Jamiroquai beloved Haynes, and others. The musician thanked everyone for coming and noted that his life was not so without them. The star rapper was 2686-th one of the main tourist streets of Los Angeles.

50 Cent and Eminem50 Cent and Jamiroquai Haynes50 Cent (foreground) and Dr. Dre (background left)