The joke’s on you: how Sarah Ferguson angered Prince Charles

In 1988, fergie had a rest in a ski resort together with her husband, Prince Andrew. They skied in the company of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The pair was accompanied by Royal photographer Kent Gavin.

Gavin said that he shot Diana, Charles, Andrew and Sarah during descents, but the photo was very boring: “They just stood there, like “statues” on the ski, it did not produce special impression.” Photographer rebuked for royalty that they behave like on wedding photography.

Fergie and Diana knew — the need to clear the air, so Sarah jokingly pushed his friend. Diana fell, and took Charles and Andrew. As a result, all fell like dominoes. According to the photographer, this greatly upset Charles. The Prince angrily said: “You have to do this in front of the cameras?!”

According to the photographer, Charles clearly did not see anything funny, as the more worried that “they will expose themselves as fools”. Gavin notes that Diana and fergie knew instinctively that in the end will make a good shot, so did not behave according to the Protocol.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Charles

The incident at the ski resort was only one of examples when the royals made life easier for the photographer. Gavin noted that Diana was never in the pictures bad. Even when she was upset about something, with the pictures still came out good. Gavin recalls that Diana and fergie was very unlike the other members of the Royal family and photographing them was always easy and pleasant.

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Photo: Getty Images