The romantic lingerie for Valentine’s Day: from mild to fatal

For the holiday on February 14 all are different. Someone wants to add romance in relationship and to spend the day in a special way, someone thinks a holiday trifle, and marketing ploy, but some people prefer to show their feelings every day, regardless of the date on the calendar. And will be all right. We also believe that Valentine’s Day is another perfect excuse to tell your mate about your feelings. And, of course, a romantic evening would be especially symbolic if you will appear in front of the beloved in beautiful lingerie. And even if the day you plan to spend alone, to please not only someone, but also yourself, making a great gift for the upcoming holiday (see also: How to survive Valentine’s Day if you’re one). Beautiful set always gives confidence and a sense of their own attractiveness, so the present will be not only pleasant but also useful.


To choose and really there’s why: traditionally, many underwear brands offer their own capsules, specially issued for the occasion. The most graceful options – lace lingerie bralette. No less successful alternative will be a body of semi-sheer lace and silk corset with underwire, which, by the way, is popular not only in the world, and became one of the hottest trends of the next season (see also: How to choose the perfect lingerie for sex).


Colors can be very diverse. Although the most successful on this day are considered to be shades of pink and red, perfect and more neutral shades as a base white and black, and pastel palette, for example, mint, peach, pastel blue or purple. Such options are particularly versatile if you want to try set times during the year.

Where to buy

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