The star of “the Avengers” brie Larson and Elijah Allan-blitz confirmed their romance on “Oscar”

Звезда Star parisbased “the Avengers” brie Larson and Elijah Allan-blitz confirmed their romance on “Oscar”

The lovers went out together on the red carpet.

A few days before Valentine’s Day on the red carpet, predvorja 92nd annual ceremony, without romantic the Prime Minister has not done. Actors brie Larson and Elijah Allan-blitz considered the “Oscar” the most opportune moment to officially announce their relationship, and it has paid off.

The star of “the Avengers” 30-year-old actress brie Larson was not an ordinary guest at the ceremony: she, along with Sigourney weaver and Gal gadot was announced from the stage of the Dolby theater conductor of the evening – IMER Irish nun known as the author of music for video games. IMER was the first woman who ran the orchestra at the Oscars in its history. She conducted an ensemble of 42 high quality musicians who performed the music from the five soundtracks nominated for the American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences.

So her boyfriend, Elijah Allan-blitz, decided to support Larson and accompanied the actress as on the track and in the gym. Despite the fact that none of them commented on their relationship in front of photographers they went along. For the first pair of output Elijah chose a win-win classics – black tuxedo, white shirt, tie and polished shoes, and bree shone in a pale pink floor-length dress with a Cape a Cape, passing in the loop. But especially touching looks not how brie keeps a lover by the arm, and the fact that he is in the hands clutch the beloved.

Elijah Allan-blitz and brie Larson

That “Superwoman” brie Larson, who played the heroine of remarkable abilities in the blockbuster “Captain marvel” and received the “Oscar” for her role in the movie “the Room” meets with actor Elijah Allan-Blitzem, it became known in August last year. Paparazzi noticed the newly made couple in Malibu: they were kissing in the supermarket and in the Parking lot, not hiding his feelings from others. First, the Western media did not recognize the actor, calling him a “mysterious stranger”, but later his identity was declassified. Moreover, on account of a 32-year-old Elijah is already an affair with a famous actress Maria Bello, who over his 20 years.

As for the 29-year-old brie Larson, previously she was in a relationship with musician Alex Greenwald. In the spring of 2016, they got engaged – the ring on the ring finger Alex put his beloved during their stay in Tokyo. But in early 2019 Larson broke off the engagement.