The star of “Twilight” Kellan Lutz and his wife Brittany lost the baby in 6th month of pregnancy

Звезда Children znamenitostyami “Twilight’s” Kellan Lutz and his wife Brittany lost the baby in 6th month of pregnancy

Kellan Lutz and Brittany told about the misfortune in their accounts in Instagram.

These days were the most heartbreaking feeling I have ever experienced. But I’m grateful for those happy six months that we have with Brittany was. In life we don’t always get the answers to all the questions, but must continue to believe the best. God will put everything in its place. I love you, Brittany. Thank you all for all your love, respect in this difficult time, understanding this situation and support! – posted by Kellan.

And wife Kellan. appealed in his message to the daughter that was lost:

Girl ⁣it was a huge honour and pleasure to be your mom for the last six months. I was so happy to see your little face on the monitor during the ultrasound and feel your wiggling inside. I don’t know why it happened, but I comfort myself with the fact that you will never experience pain, but your heart never break. You are now in the hands of Jesus, and one day we will meet you for real in heaven… Your mother loves you so much

– admitted Brittany Lutz. ⁣She also thanked the wife, of physicians, who, in her own words, saved her life and people – blood donors.

Without you all I wouldn’t be here, she said.

⁣Known to friends and colleagues of Lutz hurried to Express their sympathy Callano and his wife. In the first minutes of their comments with words of support left colleagues of the actor in the film “Twilight” Nikki reed and Ashley Greene.

That the family of Kellan. Lutz, expected completion, it became known in November, at thanksgiving. Then they published a photo, which was dressed in denim jacket and was holding another little – in his hands.

We will remind, Kellan Lutz, and a leading Christian TV channel Juce TV Brittany Gonzalez were married in November 2017.