The wedding, which can be why the Palace has not announced the date of the wedding, Beatrice

Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi and Princess Beatrice

A series of scandals in the Royal family could not affect the wedding plans of Princess of York. Almost immediately after the announcement of the engagement of Beatrice published an interview her father Prince Andrew relating to his friendship with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. As a result, the Prince had to abdicate the statutory authority and to forfeit the salary of the member of the Royal family.

Because of that dream wedding, Beatrice is under threat – the girl and her fiance were forced to forget about a big celebration, like Princess Eugenie, and the largest TV channels of Britain refused to broadcast the ceremony. In addition, the couple almost had to cancel the party in honor of the engagement because the paparazzi chased Prince Andrew (see also: the Aristocrats and celebrities: how was the party in honor of the engagement of Princess Beatrice).

At the end of 2019, sources close to the Royal family, reported that Buckingham Palace will name the date of marriage of the granddaughter of the Queen and her lover at the end of January. However, as we know, this did not happen – the reason for this was the statement of Prince Harry and Duchess Megan about addition from itself of the Royal prerogative and move to Canada. “Magnit” once again jeopardized the wedding, Beatrice – now the Palace had to decide what to do with Sussex, one of the members of the BCS will take over their duties.

Now netizens and commentators have increasingly voiced the opinion that the wedding of the Princess will not be held in 2020. Still not ceased the buzz around Sussex, and the scandal with Prince Andrew, it seems, goes to a new level (see also: the FBI against the Royal family: Prince Andrew refuses to testify in the case of Epstein). These assumptions are confirmed by the fact that the Palace does not respond to journalists ‘ questions, concerning the date and place of marriage of the Princess of York.

Royal experts and biographers say that another problem on the way to the altar for Beatrice could become the new responsibilities as a member of the Royal family. After the departure of Harry and Megan from their BCS patronage is very likely to go to the princesses of York, and with the new load she just may not have time to prepare for the big day (see also: the Disgraced Princess: how Beatrice and Eugene can save the reputation of the BCS).

However, not everyone is predicting such a bleak future, some observers believe that the Royal wedding will take place in late may or early June, as previously thought. And the delay in announcing the final dates Palace is related only to the need to quickly solve more pressing issues related to “MagtiCom”.

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