The wife of Alec Baldwin said that helped her cope with the loss of two children

Супруга Алека Болдуина рассказала, что помогло ей справиться с потерей двух детейChildren znamenitostyami Alec Baldwin said that helped her cope with the loss of two children

Last year for the family of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin was not happy.

Last spring Hilaria Baldwin miscarried, but after a couple of months recovered and got pregnant again. However, dreams of another baby was not to be realized this time. Hilaria again lost the baby. A few weeks later appeared on the red carpet with her husband in a good mood. How she managed not to withdraw into themselves and to survive the tragedy, the wife of Alec Baldwin said in social networks.

I regularly go to a therapist. Almost every week. In such a difficult time – after the loss of two pregnancies – I really don’t just choose the path of happiness. I had to work hard for it. I continue to do now, –said the wife of Alec Baldwin in Instagram after a fan asked whether she had to seek help from a specialist.

Hilaria Baldwin

Recall that the pending fifth kid after a failed pregnancy in the family of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin it was very exciting.

Of course, it is still too early… But we have learned that inside of me little man. The sound of his strong heart makes me happy – especially in light of the losses we experienced in the spring. I wanted to share this news, not hide it. I have terrible morning sickness, and I’m not going to pretend that I feel good. The only thing I ask is that the media has not sent you to follow me paparazzi. I want to remain calm in this difficult but such a beautiful period

wrote Hilaria under the video with the heartbeat of the fetus, thus declaring the upcoming replenishment in the family. In mid-October 2019 the couple announced that they will have a daughter. And on November 12 for an ultrasound Baldwin once again had to learn the sad news.

We are very sad to share what we learned today: our future baby who was 4 months, now gone from us. We want you to know that now we are bad, but we will be fine. After all, we are so lucky with our four children. I told Carmen that we really try to give her little sister in the end. But right now I’m devastated. I wasn’t expecting to see this today on the ultrasound. I’m still in shock. The paparazzi don’t follow us, that’s all I ask –

turned Hilaria to the fans.

Children of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin were married on 30 June 2012. The couple has four children: 6-year-old Carmen Gabriela, a 4-year-old Rafael Thomas, 3-year-old Leonardo Angela and 1.5-year-old Romeo Alejandro.