The winner of the contest “Mrs. Russia — 2019” became Ekaterina Nishanova from Noumea


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The winner of the contest “Mrs. Russia — 2019” became Ekaterina nishanova from Noumea


Победительницей конкурса

Ekaterina Nishanova

On Saturday, August 10, in Moscow was held the final of the contest “Mrs. Russia — 2019”. The winner won a 33-year-old Ekaterina nishanova from Noumea. The title of “Mrs. Russia Globe” has got to Xenia Krivko from Kemerovo, and the honorary title of Mrs Globe Classic Russia was awarded to Larissa Kitov from Nizhny Novgorod.

Дмитрий Дюжев, Екатерина Нишанова, Ксения Кривко, Алла Маркина и участницы конкурса
Dmitry Dyuzhev, Ekaterina nishanova, Xenia Krivko, Alla Markina and contestants

In Nishanov Instagram has already shared his impressions of the victory and commented on the participation in the contest.

I became “Mrs. Russia” 2019 — I can’t believe it’s ending, like 6 months of training, so much work, time and effort, and things happened so fast! My feelings — emotions so that Express is not possible! Happiness, joy and pride!!! (Spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.)

she wrote and thanked his team, which helped her in the preparations.

Екатерина Нишанова
Екатерина Нишанова

I must say that Internet users responded differently to win Nishanova. While many began to congratulate her and said that she is definitely worthy of the title “Mrs. Russia — 2019”, others criticized it, stating that she looks much older than his years, and also too keen on plastic surgery.

Ekaterina nishanova is married and has two sons. Judging by her blog, she is a teacher, a psychologist, is fond of singing, dancing and horse riding, and also helps families in which children with disabilities.

Екатерина Нишанова с мужем и детьми
Ekaterina nishanova with her husband and children


All in all, the final competition was attended by 27 girls from all over Russia, and its theme was space. Chose the best of the best fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, singer Katya LEL and “Mrs. Russia — 2010” Alisa Krylova.

This year the participants is simply amazing the variety of professions and Hobbies. Contestants have a few higher formations consist of various charitable and public organizations and thus preserve themselves in great shape

— said the Vice-President of competition Catherine Camilleri.

Екатерина Нишанова
Ekaterina Nishanova