Tina Kandelaki admitted that she named daughter after Melania Trump

9 November the Republican nominee, 70-year-old billionaire Donald Trump was elected 45th US president. It seemed that no one believed in businessman's victory, and all of the American elite agitated to vote for his opponent – Democrat Hillary Clinton. However, residents of the country have made their choice, regardless of the propaganda.

Many western celebrities publicly grieved this result elections, published words of disappointment on their pages on the web. Russian celebrities have not stood aside, and in contrast to their American colleagues were happy for Trump. Among those who congratulated the new president of the US was Philip Kirkorov, Igor Nikolaev, Katie Topuriya, Lera Kudryavtseva, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Stas Mikhailov, and many others.


Russian celebrities shared a joint pictures with Donald with words of encouragement. But perhaps the most original congratulation has been expressed by TV presenter Tina Kandelaki, which unexpectedly confessed that her daughter was named after the first lady – Melania Trump. 

"I remember very well as before the onset of 2000, I was pregnant, watching a beauty contest, hosted by Melania. The owner of this show was Donald. She was more beautiful than all the contestants put together. She is predatory and noble at the same time. She is, of course, far from cozy Michel, who starred in Sesame and, if necessary, can give a patriotic speech coler than husband. But still there is a nobleness in this woman. Age cannot wither her. Melania, that's when I chose this name for my Melania "-  wrote Tina, sharing the picture of the new president and his wife.