To be a woman: the rules of life Diane von Furstenberg

Always smile – it attracts! And wear only what you like and what you like. Do not wear clothes just to not freeze, it is not for this exists, but in order to have fun.

The most important relationship in your life — a relationship with him. If they are you have developed, any other is just an accessory, but not required.

I never leave the house without a blush that accentuate my cheekbones. And sometimes spraying thermal water on the curls to revive them.

The right shoes are those which make the legs longer. Everyone else is wrong.

The woman should be the smell. The fragrance that which produces the house of Diane von Furstenberg, is a provocation, he looks at me.

Never wear anything uncomfortable. You are beautiful, when you are well. I prefer flying things that give air and the feeling of flying. In addition, they are more forgiving to the female figure.

Jewelry should be visible. I think it’s incredibly glamorous to wear large gold jewelry. I always do.

33 is better than 22. By this age, you spent your body enough time to come to terms with it. That nose, those feet… you are used to them, and they finally become you

Normal food – the key to a flourishing appearance. So it goes with me everywhere my personal chef J. Coxwell, which, incidentally, released the book “Fresh Happy Tasty” is about healthy eating.

I was always proud of the fact that I’m a woman. For me, being a woman was always something special.

Wink to his reflection in the mirror, smile at my shadow and enjoy your life.

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