Top 5 mistakes when choosing and mix of prints

Let’s start, blessed with good news. Most no error print does not do, because trying to avoid them altogether. One bad: the principle “no man – no problem” in this case almost doesn’t work. Because of error-no, but also satisfy appearance too.

Where did he come from, if when you select things you are considering only monochromatic (or, well, persuaded, striped), tired already at the stage of rejection (why is it all in the cage and the flower, well what good was a model, eh!), and then try to change the same images, and they are very logical – does not want to diversify because nothing.

Total: prints to use it! But in the process remember a few important rules.

The error first

Print on blouses (namely blouses, not shirts) is almost never a good solution. Adds to the heaviness and clumsy “elegance”. Believe it not, if I even see a good example in the life of a woman, not publicity photos. Have not yet seen.

The second error

Print not to try to “make friends” with solid things. No matter how many things printed in the image. Matter how the prints are combined among themselves. And how can they be combined? For example, in these prints use the same colors (but different prints). Or are these different colors, but well together (like pink and orange, brown and blue, black and white, in the end).

The third error

The more abstract print, the better. The more specific the harder it is. A piece of art to place on the dress manages a very small number of designers. The rest get a dubious mural (see also: How to combine different prints in a single image).

Error fourth

Large print in a narrow, tight-fitting pants (“pipes” silk “pajama” and so on) – not the best solution. In this volume of the fabric print isn’t visually fit. The dress, coat and jacket is another matter! If very simple: large print is more difficult to use than smaller ones. Do not get carried away just barely visible dots, they just make noise and nothing is the image is not added.

The fifth mistake

The most dangerous prints – for some reason, and the most common and popular. Too bright stripe (when wide stripes in two contrasting colors), when already eyes are ill. And the cage is too pale, barely visible, but thick. Proven experience: these things forgive any combination.

Wanda Wong – stylist-image maker, the author of the blog Vanda Style.

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Photo: Getty Images