Two birds with one stone: how to lose weight cleaning apartment

Sweep and/or wash the floors for hours (156-170 kcal)

“Clean – the guarantee of health” – taught us in elementary school the first teacher. I hope you remember their vows, because in addition to bacteria and allergens, one swipe of the MOP you can kill a dozen of hated calories, which is slowly but surely moving toward a healthy and slim figure. By the way, 156 calories is a pound of fresh strawberries or 150 grams of raspberry jam, let it be you motivation.

Washing dishes for 15 minutes (22 kcal)

Do not move the item! It just seems that 22 calories – very little. Look at it on a larger scale. According to statistics, on average per year to wash the dishes by hand person spends 210 hours, which is 12 600 minutes a year for the time spent in the company of sponge and detergent, you can lose about eighteen and a half thousand (!) calories, which equals to approximately three kilograms. Consider just 15 minutes a day and minus one size for the year – if that’s not impressive, it should be at least a little good.

To water flowers for 30 minutes (50 calories)

Now a large ficus tree, a small palm tree and charming violet will bring even more fun, because caring for them is not just pleasant and even somewhat meditative, but also useful for the figure. With drops in a teaspoon, but the hips are slimmer, tummy reduced, and the barrel slowly go into oblivion.

Vacuuming for one hour (170 calories)

Don’t forget to vacuum under the sofa, bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside table, still there behind the door and under the sofa, swipe with the brush and under this small table. And don’t just stand there, move, constantly moving from one corner of the room to the other. The more energy you spend, the faster you will lose weight.

Move furniture within the hour (340 kcal)

Recently we wrote, how easily and without much monetary investment to refresh the design of their apartment. I think it’s time to apply the theory in practice. Slide the seat, move the bed, sofa, drag in the other room, and if you don’t like the result, return to their seats back. In the end, now you know that your efforts will not go unnoticed – the waist, say thank you.

Iron on for hours (88 kcal)

Consider yourself lucky, if the house has accumulated a mountain of ironed shirts and dresses that are waiting for his meeting with Ironing Board. Suggest that the process of straightening folds (now we are talking about those that on clothes, not on the belly) were not so painfully boring to turn on your favorite music and dancing. By the way, iron is necessary standing, sitting calories burned will not.

To fill the bed for 1 minute (2 kcal)

Yeah, so fast to get the perfect forms is not something that this spring, by next summer will not work. But still, agree, it is nice to know that even such a small thing can benefit.

To pack old clothes in boxes/bags for 30 minutes (85 calories)

After disassembling the Cabinet, do not rush to make a coffee break, and it is better to pack unnecessary things into boxes. To increase the calories you burn, sit-UPS can be performed during the packaging. After take them to the far dumpster. Down, of course, have the stairs instead of using lift.

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