Visiting Rihanna at her summer Villa on the ocean in the Hamptons

В гостях у Рианны: экскурсия по ее летней вилле на берегу океана в ХэмптонсеHouse of Zvezda guest on Rihanna at her summer Villa on the ocean in the Hamptons

The singer does not want to move far away from new York city, but at the same time wants to spend more time in solitude.

According to the publication New York Post, Rihanna decided to rent for the summer a Villa on the Atlantic ocean in the Hamptons, which is 1.5 hours from new York. Thus the singer will be able to quickly return to metropolis on urgent business issues, and relax the rest of the time in a secluded place. According to the source, Rihanna is going to buy this Villa in the autumn, if summer vacation fully satisfied. Real estate for rent for the season cost the singer in 800 thousand dollars, the cost of the Villa is $ 18.5 million.

The area of Villa is 400 square meters, which houses four bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, several living rooms and a kitchen / dining room. The interior is designed in white color and bright accents or act as individual parts, or the view from the panoramic Windows, overlooking the garden or ocean. The on-site swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a private beach access.