“We love” – Rita Dakota starred in the video with her new boyfriend and showed their passionate feelings

This is the first public expression of feelings of the singer and his new lover.

Recently it became known that 29-year-old Rita Dakota after a painful break-up with ex-husband Vlad Sokolovsky, finally found their own happiness. New boyfriend singer was the 32-year-old musician and music video Director Fedor Belogay. The singer admitted that she is really in love and happy, however, to go into detail did not.

— explained followers Rita.

Fedor Belogay and Rita Dakota Instagram
Fedor Belogay Instagram
Rita Dakota Instagram

But after a new video of the singer discussing her personal life erupted with a new force. A few minutes ago, Dakota has released a video of “Electricity”, in which the main male role is played Belogay. Happy Rita unashamedly demonstrates a passion with her lover on camera. The fans were delighted with the new work of the singer. In the comments people write that they are glad to see happy and in love with Rita, which finally released a song about a happy relationship with the words “we love”. Click on play and see the new clip of Rita right now. So how’s the singer?

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