What beauty treatments should be done after quarantine: expert opinion

Какие бьюти-процедуры стоит сделать после карантина: мнение экспертаSkin care and volosatenkie beauty treatments should be done after quarantine: expert opinion

After such a stress as two months at home, the skin will need special care to recover. And as soon as strict isolation will come to naught, beauty salons and clinics will be happy to arrange this care for everyone. For some procedures, once free, to run away in the first place? Says the doctor of medical Sciences, chief physician of the clinic Jeanne Supernova Yusov.

It is no secret that our skin is the mirror of our health, hence our desire to look well-groomed and young. Acting as a barrier between the organism and the external environment, the skin needs proper care, which includes hydration, nutrition and protection. Winter, stress, massive use of antiseptics, lack of exercise and lack of fresh air is adverse factors that we have had.

Jeanne Yusov and Catherine Klimova you want to start, what to do to recover? Start with diagnosis! On the camera SkinScope the doctor evaluates your skin: vascular manifestations, superficial pigment disorders. These are signs that indicate keratosis or dehydration of the skin. Unfortunately, the adverse external conditions lead to increased moisture loss and disorders of the skin. Dehydration or dryness is the cause of lack of regeneration after various injuries, such as UV-radiation, microtrauma, so revitalizing treatments have become procedures of first aid.

The next important stage to restore the skin is cleansed. Dead cells in excess amounts lead to dysfunction of the skin, metabolic processes, promote inflammatory manifestations and are a barrier to the penetration of nutrients from the cosmeceutical products that we use in everyday life. In our clinic we use a mild, gentle cleansing using the Hydrafacial machine. An elaborate system of purification and the use of professional special serum helps to gently remove surface impurities, dead skin cells, clean the pores, and in the final stage – the use of hyaluronic acid and peptide complex helps moisturize and provides anti-inflammatory effect. Our skin looks radiant and healthy for a whole month!

Procedure HydrafacialНу, and let’s not forget the botulinum toxin therapy for those patients who have hypertonicity of facial muscles. Limitation depressive mimic activity is a way not only to beauty but also to emotional recovery when there is a lock on the centre of negative emotions. And this factor is very important for us, because the regenerative processes in the body are very closely connected with centers of the brain.

The need for the procedure, what medication and in what dosage may be necessary, is determined by the doctor cosmetologist. Diagnosis SkinScope for will also help you to choose the necessary funds for protection and restoration of cosmeceuticals.

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