“What’s with the hand?” Victoria Bonia overdone with photoshop and frightened followers

The star of Instagram has paid off with photos.

Victoria Bonya has published in his Instagram selfie, in which the followers noticed traces of photoshop. Her hand subscribers saw some folds that resemble hair. Apparently, Bon was trying to remove the hair with the help of retouching, but they accidentally moved to the hand. In the end, the birthmark, which in Victoria for many years, turned into numerous folds. In addition, photoshop noticed and around lips Bony.


“What’s with the hand?”; “Hand burn?”; “You can see her hair that was removed from the hands of photoshop, not removed”; “Vic, what about the photo?”; “The filter hand jammed”; “the dirty Hand” — write followers in the comments. Victoria herself has not responded to his gaffe with photoshop.

And you reduseres your photos for social networks?

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