Why cats like women more than men

Despite the challenging nature of cats, women always got along with them, and assigned them the place of honor in the house. Remember the beloved Soviet cartoon “the Cat that walked by himself”. No matter how behaved cat, that woman is always pleased her in the house and will never hurt her. But the cat, to judge by the numerous legends and traditions not only carried the function of home decoration, but also protect the home from all dangers. As found by French zoologists, it turns out, women are more likely to choose a fellow member of cats than any other animals, and cats prefer the fair sex.

Another reason for such prioritization may be that the woman far more than men, tend to tactile contact. With rare exceptions, we always first reach for furry friends to Pat them on the head or scratch behind the ear ,and here and women, and cats exhibit the same dependence. And so, and others like caresses, gentle attitude, purring, and most importantly – warm. Moreover, women often have a much softer and melodic voice than that of the opposite sex.

Third, and most importantly the quality inherent in both women and cats – tolerance. Then, as the men in most cases are not satisfied with little attention from the animal to the person, by contrast, women are understanding intuitively feel that the animal wants at the moment. But cats is quality, the assurances of scientists, passionately respect!

Cat, among other things, does not tolerate any kind of violence almost never able to distinguish the infliction of pain for the benefit (cure) and the real cruelty. The problem is that most veterinarians – men and cat people are vindictive, and sometimes for a long time can not forget how they were treated.

But really the question still in the individual preferences of your pet, so don’t be surprised if the cat suddenly recognizes the owner in your husband. Cats among other things a terrible ozernitsa and are sometimes willing to spend hours playing like little kittens, a male, as it is known, too, in the soul – children.

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Photo source: Getty images