Why the comparison with Diana brought the Princess Anna of itself

In the documentary Amazon Prime — Royalty Close Up: The Photography of Kent Gavin Royal photographer Kent Gavin remembered one incident that happened with Princess Anna in 2013.

Then Gavin for two and a half weeks was with Anna in the African Royal tour, where she never had close contact with local children, as in his time did Princess Diana.

Diana in Africa, January 1997

The wife of Prince Charles was holding a lot of babies, doing charity work, and these bright pictures were printed in Newspapers around the world. But unlike Diana, Princess Anne never did anything of the sort, instead she kept children at a distance, and generally avoided overly close contact with the people he met in official travel.

Gavin decided to find out the cause of such behavior at the very monarch, and he had such a case. Immediately after the African tour, the Princess agreed to give a rare interview to the Daily Mirror. When Gavin looked over the questions that were going to ask his colleague, he said: “There is something missing. We should ask her why she never took up the child, because this photo will definitely go all over the world as well as the photos of Diana”. The journalist replied, “How can I do that? If I ask this question, the interview will end.” “Put it at the end,” said Gavin.

So at the end of the interview, the reporter still followed his advice and asked: “is There a reason why you do not take in hand any of these kids, when I’m on tour?”

Anna during a tour of Africa, 1984

Gavin notes that the Princess Royal is clearly angered this question and the allusion to the former daughter-in-law. “I’m not doing the same things that make other family members! – quite emotionally responded Her Highness and asked a question of the journalist. Is he [Gavin] said to ask about it?”. After this, the Princess immediately left the place of the interview.

It is worth noting that this deliberate comparison with Diana could not cause other reaction in the daughter of the Queen. It is known that the relationship of the sister of Prince Charles with his wife was far from ideal. Royal expert Richard Kay talked about the “cold war” between the Princess: “I remember Diana said, “If Anna’s there [to be], I’ll go.” Because Anna used to say something sharp in it”. Anna, in turn, are actually constantly criticized the daughter-in-law. “Princess Anna didn’t have time to Diana, and she didn’t like how she performs her duties as she poses for the cameras and uses the media to promote itself. Anna was a much more traditional approach to the monarchy and Royal duties,” explains Kay.

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