Why the Finnish glazing of loggias is considered as the best in the world

Why the Finnish glazing of loggias is considered the best in мире30 APR 2020

The one who was in Finland, probably remember what a luxury balconies and terraces from local residents. For those who were not, briefly describe. So imagine you are standing on the balcony, it is a chair or a yoga Mat, or maybe both. Around you is a sea of light, you reach out your hands to him, but what? You hit the glass! Where is it here? Where is the frame? Loggia is glazed? Yes! You came to the loggia with frameless glass Finnish company Lumon (Lumon).

Conciseness, style, practicality, functionality – it’s all about frameless Lumon. The Finns believe that making the loggia a warehouse for things is a crime. And if from it a beautiful view, it is a crime twice. The climate in Finland is similar to the climate of the European part of Russia. Light-hours from them more than we do. In short, them as little. So the Finns prefer to squeeze out the maximum of light and not to hide his stuff or frames. Perhaps we should learn from. Still, the Finns are the happiest people in the world according to the UN.

Having started his winning streak with Finland Lumon gained popularity throughout Europe. Frameless Lumon may be found on the terrace the hot Spanish city, and the cold coast of Iceland. In other words, he checked the countries with different climatic conditions. Lumon is able to withstand high wind loads (up to 300 km per hour, according to tests), and the height of the sash of glass may reach 2.5-3 meters (depending on model).

Glass Lumon and all components are exclusively manufactured in Finland and in Russia are sold through authorized dealers. One of them – the Moscow firm “Window Street”. Manager Kirill Lisitsyn personally was in Finland and visited the plant Lumon: “to Say that I was impressed with the quality and level of production – it means nothing to say. It’s just a delight. No wonder Lumon first in Europe to have obtained the certificate of quality CE. I am so inspired by this glazing once personally saw entire buildings near the Gulf of Finland, entirely glazed Lumon”.

A few advantages of frameless glazing Lumon:

  • Allows you to open osteklenii aperture at 90% due to consistent shear and folding flaps;
  • Has the function of ventilation;
  • High quality material ensures a long service life;
  • Easy to use, but at the same time, has protection from children;
  • Creates protection from fires, spreading through the balcony;
  • Makes no changes to the facade, and therefore suitable even for historic buildings.

According to statistics of the company “Window Street” in Moscow Lumon glazing popular for country cottages and terraces. If we talk about apartment buildings, it is clearly more popular with owners of new buildings. However, sometimes developers mounted frameless glass already by default, but use the cheaper Spanish and Chinese copies of Lumon. “We have already addressed the owners of the loggias, glazed fakes Lumon requesting repairs,” – said in the “Window Street”. Real Lumon, at the apartments from the developer in Moscow can be found in luxury buildings in Clean Ponds and a Park.

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