Zivert and Bardo in soft pajamas, and Hosk in a peignoir of foamy lace: what the stars sleep — learning on Instagram

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Sleepwear has become our uniform in the period of self-isolation, because to break up with her now optional. WMJ.ru decided to find out what sleepwear and chemises choose stars. We have carefully studied the Instagram accounts of celebrities and put them together with pictures of Pets.

Olga Seryabkina long was awarded the title of a sex symbol thanks to a Frank and very bold images. His role supports the singer in my sleep. Olga shared the way in home attire, able to bring to mind any. Nights she prefers to spend in a short dressing gown, embellished with lace, in the arms of his beloved Pomeranian named bubbles.

Olga Seryabkina

Her colleague on the shop floor Zivert, too, neither day nor night does not part with his pet. Morning after sleep, the singer meets with your four-legged friend Munishi and satin pajamas, the color of marshmallows. Even a hair scrunchie star picked up the tone of the image. No less delicate pajamas prefers Natalia Bardo. Infant pink hue certainly helps rainbow dreams.

Natalia Bardo
Svetlana Anokhina

And Svetlana Anokhina for sleep selects the shirt of the man she loved, painted a fun print. In the absence of the second half is a great way to feel his/her embrace.

Emily Ratzkowski
Elsa Hosk

We were surprised to see her nightgown Emily Ratzkowski, which looks modest its images out. Satin gown below the knee length and eggshell girl very well. As beige chemise with lace Elsa Hosk. In order to stay with her all day, the star wears over a cozy cardigan milk color.

Flipping photo gallery to see more stellar images!

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