10 interesting facts about Tyler Posey

TYLER is not only an actor, but also a musician

BUT The group, in which he plays, called Lost in Kostko. Founded in 2009, it released in 2011 a record You're Going to Need a Towel, which includes 8 tracks. Tyler sings and plays guitar and sometimes writes the lyrics. And he dreams of becoming a rock star!

HE could play Jacob in "Twilight"

Tyler auditioned for the role of werewolf back in 2007. But, as you know, to the caste of the film joined Taylor Lautner, with whom, Posy, by the way, is on friendly terms. "I saw Taylor Lautner at all auditions, and I knew that he also auditioned for" Twilight. " I remember, met him on the casting a few months later and asked him: "Hey, dude, how are you?". To which he replied, "appeared in" Twilight, "" It was only then I realized that, apparently, I did not get the role, "-., Shared the actor with MTV.

Tyler's first kiss was with … Miley Cyrus!

"When I was 9 years old, I starred in the series, which was called" Doctor "with Billy Ray Cyrus. And it was his daughter, Miley Cyrus, with whom I had a first kiss. We dated for two years and broke up when I was 11 years old. Later, I saw her on TV and was very surprised! By the way, we are still friends, "- said Tyler to Seventeen edition.

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He was in love Mila Kunis "She did not come out of my head lately, and I would like her to play in a bad movie," – said in an interview with Tyler 2011. Even we are afraid to assume what he meant by "bad film" …


Another passion of Tyler – motorcycles. He wants not just drive them, but also to collect personally! He plans to open with his father shop selling motorcycle spare parts. 

Tyler has as much as 16 tattoos

Last year there were 17, but actor disliked one tattoo. "I only regret that I have one on the rib. Now I'm removing it with a laser, and this is a terrible process. Because of my work, this process has slowed down and stretched for a long time. If I were not an actor, it would be much easier to reduce the tattoo "- Tyler says.


Not that he was trying to wear them, but the he definitely does not like girls on heels: "That's not cool. I do not understand women who wear them. They can not move normally, tuck ankle and always complaining! ". Thank you, Tyler, for understanding.


"Usually, I tell a lot of inappropriate jokes. I can not control it and filter, they simply pulled out ", – says Tyler. Such a handsome boy can be forgiven, right?


And no wonder! How else can you combine shooting a movie and music lessons? "I usually buy it at Dunkin 'Donuts. Please only add cream and sugar, and nothing more ", – says Tyler. And yet he loves Fast Food Favorite Food of Tyler – acute sandwich with chicken and without tomatoes. You wouldn't know it to look at this handsome figure.

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