First, she decided to take a break from social networks to the New Year's holidays! Gigi is always in sight: shows, shooting, interviews … However, there are still many things we do not know about this girl.

On social networks:

"I'm taking a month break for New Year holidays. I do not delete accounts in social networks, only phone applications. <…> A break is very necessary for me, but I will come back later. If you want to support me, it will be great. But if you are upset because of what I want to live "humanly" just a month, I do not want you to continue to be my subscribers. "

About favorite food:

"I love eggs, but cooked in different ways. I love the baked eggs. I love bacon tomato sauce. There Middle Eastern spice – Zaatar. I eat eggs, seasoned with Zaatar. In general, I like the fresh ingredients. I am not limited to salads and meat. For me, it's boring. I love to cook tomato soup with grilled cheese on country style. If I know that the products are healthy and of good quality, I'll eat any dish. Yes, even carbohydrates, anything! "

About volleyball coach :

"I sit down and say to myself," if it wasn't global reaction to my actions, would I be able to work well? Would my high school coachebe proud of me? ". I always keep that in mind. When my high school coach in volleyball wrote me a text message: "I think it was bad", I felt happy. " 

About the hospital:

"You know, I have never taken a sick day. I just realized this! I feel the pressure, but on the other hand I do not want to undermine my professionalism. "

About stress:

"To be honest, the pillow helps to cry"

About sit-ups:

"They are painful, and you have to do them very often to see results. Right before the show Victoria's Secret, I pinned a reminder note in the kitchen. Every time I walked by, I had to do 15 sit-ups. It's a good thing, because every time you have to be honest with yourself. No one is watching you, and you realize that the only person who needs it is you".

About health problems:

"My metabolism has changed dramatically this year. I have Hashimoto's disease. This thyroid disease. For two years, I take pills. Due to illness, I did not want to lose much weight for Victoria's Secret show

About box and the guys at the gym:

"When I enter the room, they are like big brothers for me. They do not care who I am. I needed just that. They do not care how my body looks, but they do care how I keep my punch! And this is what makes me happy. "

About modeling career:

"Thousands of people with whom I worked on this year, voted, and I do not want them think something like:" Pictures of G were the best of my shots this year. " Maybe they could say: "I had a great day of filming with Gigi.

About girlfriend Lena Dunham:

"Sometimes, you find the family in other places. Each of us has such friends, to whom we can come and simply say, "Well, it's terrible what's happening now" Lina Denem also mentioned Hadid in her interview: "Gigi, and I had a long talk on the phone, discussing what was going on in social networks, and we came to the conclusion that sometimes you just need to turn the computer off and say to yourself:" It's okay, I can be strong, but you do not have to do that! ".

It seems that the favorite work, self-control, the ability to enjoy the little things, and true friends – the main aspects that make Gigi Hadid happy and successful.