17 year old boyfriend of Alena Shishkova does not skimp on the beautiful gifts

There’s a rumour that  24-year-old Alena Shishkova started affair with 17-year-old Nikita Mazin, the son of the owner of one of the largest companies in the fertilizer market. Recently, the ex-lover ща Timati shared on  her Instagram shot of a beautiful bouquet. Now model’s fans try to figure  if Nikita gave Alena these flowers.  

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Alena Shishkova posted a picture with a huge bouquet of roses on her Instagram Since Alena Shishkova split from Timati, fans are very closely watching her personal life. The model herself prefers to keep silent, and at the same time warms up rumors that she still has a secret admirer. Recently, Alena shared on his Instagram shot where she is seen posing next to a bouquet of roses, which is above her.

“That awkward moment when I do not have five centimeters in height, to appreciate the beauty of gorgeous roses” – wrote Shishkova.

Fans interested in those who presented this luxurious bouquet. Maybe the mysterious boyfriend is the son of a businessman – Nikita Mazin? There’s been rumors about their romance for over a month. However, Shishkova prefers not to enter into a dialogue with her followers and keeps her personal life a secret.