18-year-old Liza Adamenko Claims 55-year-old husband Beat Her

18-year-old model Liza Adamenko has become a star in Russia and Europe after the luxury wedding with 55-year old tycoon Valentin Ivanov. However, more and more people come out with criticism of Liza and her husband.


Adamenko has repeatedly stood up for husband, saying that they are happy, no matter what. To confirm her words model shared romantic photos with Valentin.

However, apparently, the relationship of the spouses is not going well. February 6, Internet users reported that Liza held an online broadcast, accusing husband of hitting her.

"Adamenko <…> said her ex-husband beat her, shame on him. There's bruising on her arm, neck. <…> Well, isn't she a fool, why she puts her personal life on display" .


The report says that the "ex-husband" of Adamenko was slapping her around. It seems that the model is going to divorce a millionaire. Or she has done it already.


Members of the Network are confused about girls' confession:

"I'm amazed their marriage fell apart so quickly", "Ex-husband? Already? That's quite a twist "," Lord, what about her claims that she and her beloved husband are happy. It looks awfully absurd and ridiculous "," Not that surprising. Quickly came together – quickly broke up".

"It is possible that he did not beat her. She could ask someone to give her bruises, and thus tries to get a lot of money from her husband in a divorce)".

"I Always wondered what drives women to talk about problems in their personal life to the public, and especially with such a large audience" ,"What's the point of getting married. ~ the marriage lasted 5 months. If this man did hit her before, I do not know what Adamenko had in mind when she accepted marriage proposal".

At the moment, Liza Adamenko not made an official statement.


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