43-year-old Sergey Bezrukov for the first time spoke about the illegitimate children


In July this year, Sergey Bezrukov became the proud father. His second wife – filmmaker Anna Mathison gave birth to a little daughter Masha. All fans are sincerely happy for Sergey and congratulated him on his first-born, but it was not so simple: the actor has two more illegitimate children. The daughter Alexandra and son Ivan were born in St. Petersburg to a singer Christina Smirnova at a time when Serhey was married to Irina Bezrukova. Until now Bezrukov was concealing this fact and even filed against journalists in court. However, in a recent interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Sergey lift the veil of secrecy over his personal life for the first time and told about illegitimate children:

"Having Anya and Masha in my life, I have changed very much. It is the first time I really feel like a father. Yes, I have more children, and it is not a secret, for my parents and my wife Anna. But with the birth of Masha, I was able to fully enjoy my father's happiness: sleepless nights, fatigue (! But happy), first smile, first tooth – shared Sergey. –  I also love other children, I support and help them, so that I have the large family. But I still would not want to advertise it too much – only in order to protect them from the public attention", – concluded Bezrukov.

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